Girl Guides

In the academic year 2013-14 the school  introduced Girl Guide for students of Std. VIII & IX. The main aim is to develop one’s character through self-reliance and self-discipline. It is a means through which a student builds up a sense of duty and patriotism towards one’s country. It makes one ready to handle difficult situations in day to day life and also to be sensitive towards the less fortunate.

A team of 100 hold a sense of pride as they march in their deep sky blue uniforms with a strong message that they are ever ready to face challenges come what may.

The Girl Guides under the guidance of their Guiders Ms. Shaila Dabre and Ms. Colin Cardoza have bagged many prizes in patriotic song competition, wall hanging competition and drawing competition just in the first year of its inception. We hope to see it flourish three fold in the years to come.