Principal’s Desk

“If education is the development of the abilities of the mind, training is practical education under supervision leading to a profession”

Sr. Sushmita FernandesAs St. Anne’s we impart education not only to the training of the mind but also towards life skills which will help our students contribute to society in various sectors of life. Student’s abilities are nurtured in a novel way which helps them to excel and shine like stars.

This year too, we proudly boast of our achievements. E-Learning has been introduced in the whole school. And I must point out that not only teachers create powerpoint presentations and use this multimedia system but students too are involved creatively, thus creating a digital ecosystem.

Treating the girl child with respect and dignity, creating in her the awareness of who she is and what she can do with her talents and skills, bringing out leadership qualities in her, motivating her to excel in all curricular and co-curricular activities is our prime focus.

With many a feather in our cap, namely “Best School Award”, winners of AVEC Competitions, Modern School Competitions, Fellowship School Competition, “C” Ward Competitions, we march forward in the 88th year of our establishment. We have come a long way ! And at every stage, every step, St. Anne’s has developed tremendously. We believe in moving with the times. Our teachers and non-teaching staff are instrumental in enhancing the quality of our school. I am indebted to them. I am grateful to the Manager for his support and interest in our school. My thanks to the PTA who leave no stone unturned to back us in our achievements.

We entrust all our enterprise in God’s hands. We are confident that he will take us to greater heights. And with the blessings of St. Anne we lovingly commit ourselves to her. May St. Anne intercede for us in all our ventures.

In Good faith


Sr. Fatima